Develop the sales and leadership skills, knowledge and vision you need as an entrepreneur and small business owner in the health care industry. This information packed seminar will lead your business to growth and prosperity. Gain insight, create vision and be inspired!

Friday, October 6, 8:30-11 AM at MD Expo

Presented by Steven Whiting, Ph.D.  Associate Professor Management Department, College of Business Administration University of Central Florida

Presented by Steven Whiting, Ph.D. Associate Professor Management Department, College of Business Administration University of Central Florida


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Evidence Based Principles of Employee Motivation & Leadership

A fundamental challenge of any manager, leader, or entrepreneur is getting things done via other people. No project of scope can be accomplished by a single individual and thus a fundamental challenge is how to motivate and lead others--a problem so perplexing it can leave even the most socially skilled at a loss. Common expressions of frustrations in organizations like “people around here just aren’t motivated” or “no one else cares about this as much as I do” reflect the mystery of human motivation and betray the manner in which most of us just muddle through when called upon to lead others. Although human motivation is intricate, evidence based approaches to workplace motivation and leadership provide some straightforward ways to cut through this complexity giving the savvy leader concrete tools to improve employee motivation and organizational results, while at the same time enhancing the well-being of employees. This session will focus on the evidence behind several of these tactics, providing concrete suggestions for organizational leaders to better utilize the talents and abilities of those they supervise.

Schedule of Events

8:30-9 am Continental Breakfast

9-9:45 am Talk Part One

9:45-10 am Networking Break

10-11 am - Talk Part Two

Cost Per Person: 

$195 – Includes continental networking breakfast & breaks, workbook from sessions and presentations for future usage.