Volumetric Diffusive Respiration — An analog solution in a digital world

Kevin Melvin,  BMET III, Legacy Health System

Kevin Melvin, BMET III, Legacy Health System

As healthcare technology management personnel, the better we understand core principles of science and of medicine the better we are at providing service to our customers. Invented by the late Dr. Forrest Bird and manufactured by Percussionaire, the VDR4 is a pneumatically controlled highly effective treatment ventilator. This presentation will pull back the veil of mystery on how pneumatic ventilators work and why (using applied scientific principles) they are so effective. The goal is to help those in attendance develop an enriched understanding of ventilation theory with an eye toward improving customer service in the respiratory therapy field. This presentation will be of interest to those already specialized in respiratory therapy and those wishing to move in that direction.

Saturday 8amKathryn Keur