Getting Schooled in Ultrasound Operations

Dennis Wulf , CEO, Innovatus Imaging

Dennis Wulf, CEO, Innovatus Imaging

This session is designed as a quick and powerful refresher of the “academics” critical for optimizing the operational and financial performance of your probe inventory. Attendees will learn:

• Changes in the industry: What is happening now that could have short-term and long-term impact on procedures and costs

• Pulse Echo testing: The role of physics in enabling us to accurately see and measure a pulse

• Chemical testing: Why it matters for your probes and your patients

• Testing essentials: Cable flex, hydrophone power, and high pot. What you need to know to make sure repair providers conduct reliable tests to assure optimum performance

• Common failures: What are the most common failures for probes and how can you identify these quickly before patient outcomes are affected?

This session will be highly interactive with audience surveys in real time helping you stay current on what’s happening with ultrasound technology.