Mitigating Fraud Risk: Using Analytics to Detect Potential Fraud of High-Value Assets

Benjamin Larson , Informatics Specialist, Atlantic Health Systems

Benjamin Larson, Informatics Specialist, Atlantic Health Systems

Mon. April 10: 11:30am-12:45pm

For most HTM professionals, accountancy is not your primary profession. Yet between contracts, capital equipment purchases, and parts spending, many HTM managers are, in effect, running multi-million dollar corporations. With such high-dollar items like imaging glassware and ultrasound probes, the potential for fraud runs high. A less than honest employee looking to supplement his or her income can take advantage of chaos often found in a busy shop by helping themselves to high-dollar items. So what can you do to protect yourself?

This session with walk you through methods, using tools and data you already have, to detect potential fraud inside your organization. You will also be introduced to some statistical modeling and data mining techniques that can help flush out a thief doing the best to cover their tracks.